Have you been thinking about doing some remodeling in your bathroom? Maybe you’re getting ready to sell, and want everything to be perfect. Is your bathtub old, pitted and stained? If it diminishes the look of the bathroom you’ve probably considered replacement.

Have you really looked into the cost of replacing that old bath tub? If you have, you know it can cost many thousands! While the cost of the tub isn’t really all that expensive (usually $200 to $3000, to replace that tub you’ll have to pull the old tub. This usually involves breaking it into several pieces, if it’s cast iron. Then you have the cost of disposal.

dallas bathtub refinishing
dallas bathtub refinishing

Additionally, in order to remove the tub, you’ll have to remove at least one row of tiles all the way around the tub. Expect to break a few. You will have to, at minimum, do at least some tile work after installing your new tub. Most people doing this sort of work find themselves doing wall repair and installing new tile.

You will also run into plumbing issues. Expect to hire a plumber. If you can do this work, great. If not, it’s all part of tub replacement. Face it. Bath tub replacement is a lot of work, even under ideal circumstances.

Maybe this is what you really want. If you enjoy doing this work yourself, and do it well, you’ll have a brand new looking bathroom without spending a fortune. But if all you wanted was a new tub, this can be a very expensive remodel job. It can cost you as much as $10,000 if you hire contractors to do this job for you. If you do it yourself, it’s just a lot of time you should expect to invest. If you can’t afford the investment in time, you’re better off contracting the work out.

So what should you do if you just want a new bath tub and you don’t want to disturb the existing tile, walls, floor and plumbing? There are alternatives. One solution is dallas bathtub refinishing experts. A properly done tub refinishing job will absolutely astound you. It can make your tub completely new, and if done correctly, will last many years.

I’ve done several, and my own refinished tub is almost 10 years old with no sign of wear! This is something you can hire a contractor to do for you at a tiny fraction of the cost of tub replacement, or you can do it yourself.

Some will tell you this is not a job you can do yourself. They warn your tub will peel in a matter of weeks. The truth is, it surely will if you don’t do the job right. The tub surface must be absolutely clean and dry and free of any dirt or soap scum at all. If there is even a trace of impurities, or moisture, your refinishing job won’t last.