You get what you pay for and that’s also true for window cleaning. Window cleaning is an important part of maintaining homes and buildings but it comes at a price.

Especially if you want it to be done by window cleaning professionals. Because if you get pros to do it, you’re assured that the job will be done properly.

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But as mentioned above, quality window cleaning services will come at a price and it’s only right for it to be so.

There are several important factors in the cost of window cleaning and before we get there, let’s look at the current costs.

Current Costs of Window Cleaning

What does it cost to get your windows cleaned in 2020? The current average cost is between $151 and $366. That price range would put the average per window at around $10 to $15 for each window. The per pane average for the charge of the window cleaners would then be at $4 to $8 for each pane.

So for a 1,500 square foot house cleaning, the charge would be at $258. That puts the hourly charge for window cleaning between $40 and $75.

Those figures are the current average for this year, 2020. We know that several factors come into play when determining these prices.

Let’s look at the window cleaning post from on the different factors that affect the cost of window cleaning.

Factors in Window Cleaning Costs

First off, what do window cleaners and washers base their prices on? They actually base the prices that they charge on different factors. Some of those factors include things such as the following:

● Number of windows

● Size of the windows

● If there are window screens

● The number of stories in the structure

● How dirty the windows are currently

● Whether it’s a one-time or ongoing window cleaning service

Other Important Factors to Note in the Cost of Window Cleaning

There are many other factors that can contribute to the cost of window cleaning.


If the windows or the immediate areas require considerable dusting, there might be some extra fees. This needs to be done before the windows are even wiped down and prepared for the cleaning process. Expect to be charged an additional dollar or two for this extra service. And if there’s a need to add a solvent to the cleaning process, then expect an extra fee for that, too.


Accessibility is a definite factor in the cost of window cleaning, whether for homes or commercial buildings. People who live in homes that are more than one story high should expect to pay more for window cleaning services. Homeowners are likely to be charged by the hour instead of by the window pane. The time that it would take to get to the windows and clean them is taken into consideration.

Paint/Stain Removal

If there is a need to remove paint or stain from the windows, then expect additional fees for that as well. The cost for that could be as much as the fee that will be charged for the window itself. For example, if it’s just going to affect a single-window pane then the charge will be for the same price as that pane.

It’s indeed important to take note of the cost of window cleaning. But equally important is to consider the so-called important factors in the cost of window cleaning.