There is a considerable number of companies offering maid service in Lewisville, Texas. If you have never availed of any of their maid service lewisville tx there might be complex questions playing at the back of your mind. Do not worry, as today we present answers to some of the most persistent questions in this matter.

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Q. How much should I tip the cleaner?

The house is divided on this subject because it is really on your call. If indeed you do decide to give a tip to the house cleaner to express your gratitude, 10% to 20% is the industry standard. If you have hired a company, there is really no need. Though, it is a common practice in many residences in situations where they hire an individual or freelance cleaners.

Q. Do I need to clean up the house somewhat before the maid arrives?

The answer to this is a single word “YES”. The phrase “cleaning up for the maid” is well justified when you consider that time spent picking up household kinds of stuff adds to the total time taken by the maid to clean your home and only adds up to your expenses. Since you’re going to pay extra for a longer time spend on the maid than to the agreed schedule. You will do it yourself, this way your wallet could be saved by picking up the little things and putting them into place.

Q. What should I expect from the cleaning service?

You certainly want to go for a reliable and trustworthy name that has proved itself with time. Online reviews are all good but in this certain case, word of mouth is still more significant. Go ahead ask your family and friends if they know of maid service or might be able to recommend any. Again, homes are so peculiar that some of them have distinctive requirements. So ensure that you have figured them out beforehand, read carefully the company’s contract, and then only sign on the proverbial dotted line.

Q.What should I do when cleaning is going on? Where do my pets fit in the situation?

This is something that is determined and set by company policy. Some maid service providers make it contractually compulsory for you to stay at the site for the period of the cleaning process, but some do not require you to be present at all. As for your pets, make sure that the maid cleaning service is aware of their presence in advance as some cleaners might have allergies and could suffer from them. Most maid services have sufficient personnel who not only tolerate but maybe even love pets as long as they are friendly.

Q. What tools or information do I require to provide the house cleaner with?

If you are a homeowner who prefers to use your own household cleaning products then most maid cleaning services would likely just nod their heads without much bother. You could as well leave it to the assigned service staff to do the heavy lifting. You should keep a step stool nearby, just in case. Let the cleaners know of any malfunctioning or broken fixtures or appliances.

These are the most common questions homeowners have in mind before hiring a maid service company, most especially if they don’t have any experience yet on hiring one. For all your home cleaning needs you could always opt for our reliable services at Lewisville’s Best Maid Service. We make sure that you will be satisfied with all of our work as we are experienced and expert in the industry.