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Why You Need Foggy Window Repair

One of the most common issues for windows is when it gets a little bit foggy.

This is usually the case with old windows that already have a build-up of condensation on the glass. It can be quite a problem since it can obstruct the view from both inside and outside. Of course, the bigger problem is for those who live inside the house since they can’t see what’s outside very clearly.

The condensation can be found on the surface of the glass or between the glass. It can build up on the surface on either hot or cold days. On hot days, the moisture builds up on the exterior side of the glass. While on a cold day, it usually accumulates on the interior side of the glass. Condensation that’s between the glass represents a bigger problem. It might be a case of a broken seal.

But it should be pointed out that this problem is not exclusive to old windows. It can also happen even to the not-so-old ones. The problem is a common one but can be pretty annoying.

 So what’s the best option for you?

 Is it window cleaning? Do you need a full glass replacement? Or can it be fixed by the simpler process of repairing your foggy windows?

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 In any case, here are the best reasons why you need foggy window repair:


By having your foggy windows repaired, you can save money. In the long run, that is. You’re going to be able to save some money because instead of going for a full window replacement right away, you’ll go for repair.

Window replacement will always be more expensive. With window repair, you would at least be able to delay spending a lot of money on new windows. Sure, you’re still going to spend, just not as much as for a full replacement.


You can avail of the warranty that comes with your windows if you’re going with a repair. Most windows usually come with a 10-year warranty, although for the best quality ones, the warranty is typically at 20 years. Check if the warranty is still in effect by looking at the bottom of the glass. You can usually find the name or ID of the manufacturer there, as well as the date code or manufacturing date.


By getting a professional such as Flower Mound Window Cleaning to repair your windows, you’ll get the opportunity to get it looked and checked by a professional. They can assess the extent of the damage and if repair is sufficient or a full or partial window replacement is a better option. If it’s a relatively new window that’s less than 10 years old, then chances are good that it can still be saved by repair.

These are all good reasons for you to have those foggy windows repaired right now. Aside, of course, for the simple reason of getting back a better view from inside your home. All of which only points to how important and essential foggy window repair is for your home.

Important Factors in the Cost of Window Cleaning

You get what you pay for and that’s also true for window cleaning. Window cleaning is an important part of maintaining homes and buildings but it comes at a price.

Especially if you want it to be done by window cleaning professionals. Because if you get pros to do it, you’re assured that the job will be done properly.

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But as mentioned above, quality window cleaning services will come at a price and it’s only right for it to be so.

There are several important factors in the cost of window cleaning and before we get there, let’s look at the current costs.

Current Costs of Window Cleaning

What does it cost to get your windows cleaned in 2020? The current average cost is between $151 and $366. That price range would put the average per window at around $10 to $15 for each window. The per pane average for the charge of the window cleaners would then be at $4 to $8 for each pane.

So for a 1,500 square foot house cleaning, the charge would be at $258. That puts the hourly charge for window cleaning between $40 and $75.

Those figures are the current average for this year, 2020. We know that several factors come into play when determining these prices.

Let’s look at the window cleaning post from on the different factors that affect the cost of window cleaning.

Factors in Window Cleaning Costs

First off, what do window cleaners and washers base their prices on? They actually base the prices that they charge on different factors. Some of those factors include things such as the following:

● Number of windows

● Size of the windows

● If there are window screens

● The number of stories in the structure

● How dirty the windows are currently

● Whether it’s a one-time or ongoing window cleaning service

Other Important Factors to Note in the Cost of Window Cleaning

There are many other factors that can contribute to the cost of window cleaning.


If the windows or the immediate areas require considerable dusting, there might be some extra fees. This needs to be done before the windows are even wiped down and prepared for the cleaning process. Expect to be charged an additional dollar or two for this extra service. And if there’s a need to add a solvent to the cleaning process, then expect an extra fee for that, too.


Accessibility is a definite factor in the cost of window cleaning, whether for homes or commercial buildings. People who live in homes that are more than one story high should expect to pay more for window cleaning services. Homeowners are likely to be charged by the hour instead of by the window pane. The time that it would take to get to the windows and clean them is taken into consideration.

Paint/Stain Removal

If there is a need to remove paint or stain from the windows, then expect additional fees for that as well. The cost for that could be as much as the fee that will be charged for the window itself. For example, if it’s just going to affect a single-window pane then the charge will be for the same price as that pane.

It’s indeed important to take note of the cost of window cleaning. But equally important is to consider the so-called important factors in the cost of window cleaning.

What You Need to Know About Window Replacement

Bright new windows can bring so much positive light into your lives.

Not just physical light that can come into your home more easily because of the new windows. But also the new and more positive outlook that it can help come into you and your family’s life.

A bright home is one that exudes a welcoming and positive vibe and mindset, right? And new windows can help with that.

So maybe it’s time you replace your old, outdated windows with new ones. Maybe, it’s time for change and it would come with window replacement for your home.

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Here are some important facts that you need to know about window replacement.

The Two Types of Window Replacement

There are two ways that window replacement can be achieved. The first is a full-frame window replacement and the other is the pocket window replacement.

Full-Frame Window Replacement

In this type of window replacement, the whole window and frame is going to be removed by the contractor.

This is the perfect choice to replace your windows if you are having a major renovation or home project going on. Especially if you’re also thinking of replacing your home’s sidings.

If you have plans to replace all of the windows in your home, then go for this option. Replace all of the windows at once so you can save on time and effort.

Another benefit of full-frame window replacement is that you get better insulation. New and improved insulation is going to be used around the window.

This kind of window replacement will also allow you to get more glass area. Since the old window frame is going to be removed, you get more glass which translates to better views and natural lighting.

The downside to a full window replacement is that it’s a complicated process. It would therefore mean more cost and labor.

Pocket Window Replacement

The second option is known as pocket window replacement. Here, the old window frames are going to be left intact by the installers.

Think of this as a retrofit as the new windows will be slid into place. You can think of the old window frame as a box that will receive the new windows.

A pocket window replacement works best if your home has an exterior that’s made from brick or stucco. A full window replacement is not going to work with these materials because it will be too difficult.

The best thing about pocket window installation is that it will help you save on expenses. No need to spend too much for installation and materials. There’s no need to replace the interior trim or the siding.

A major downside to pocket window replacement is that there wouldn’t be much glass space. The reason is because the old window frame is going to be kept intact.

You could choose any of these two options and end up with great looking windows. Of course, it ultimately depends on what the condition of your windows are and what suits it best. And learning what you need to know about window replacement keller tx is a start.

Why DIY Is Not The Best Choice For Window Repair

You want to be a do-it-yourself (DIY) guy. Especially around your house, where you want to be the one to try to fix everything up.

We get it. There are so many homeowners who feel the same way and are trying to do the same thing.

There are a lot of benefits from being your home’s DIY guy. You can save some time and of course on the high cost of hiring professionals to do the job.

So you can go and fix a leaky faucet, patch up a part of your roof, or take charge of a paint job, things like that.

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However, there’s probably a limit to the things that you could and should handle yourself. Unless you’re absolutely skilled or trained to do something, of course.

For example, going full DIY when it comes to repairing your windows might not be the brightest idea. Check more post at:

Here are some of the best reasons why you should not go DIY on your window repair project:

It Requires Specific Knowledge and Skills

Like we said above, never go DIY on something unless you have some knowledge or possess some skill related to it.

Having your windows repaired is not a simple process. It can only get more complicated as the damage becomes more severe. And it’s definitely not the time to experiment or try to apply information that you just found out or read about. It could lead to more damage and higher expenses for you.

Aside from the necessary skills and knowledge, you also need to have the right tools for the job. You might have the most common tools at home, but nothing beats having the specific ones that are needed for repair and installation.

It Might Cost You More

One of the reasons you’re trying to go full DIY on repairing your window is to save on costs. You wouldn’t need to worry about the cost of labor in such cases. Or at least you think you can save on costs.

But that’s not guaranteed. Far from it, in fact. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending much more than what you bargained for.

The better way is to hire a pro from the very start. Since one of your main concerns is to save money, then you need to change your mindset about hiring pros. The truth is you can save more in the long run by working with experienced window cleaners.

There’s No Warranty

One other thing that you’re definitely going to miss out on is the warranty. The purpose of a warranty is to protect you in the future.

If there are any issues that would result from the repair and installation process, then you’ll have nothing to worry about since you’re protected by the warranty. The contractor will be the one to cover the repair and resolution of whatever issue crops up in the future.

The bottom line is to make sure that you make the best choice. And we emphasize that going DIY is not that choice. You need to have professionals handling your window repair and no one else, for your windows’ and wallet’s size.

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