What You Need to Know About Window Replacement

Bright new windows can bring so much positive light into your lives.

Not just physical light that can come into your home more easily because of the new windows. But also the new and more positive outlook that it can help come into you and your family’s life.

A bright home is one that exudes a welcoming and positive vibe and mindset, right? And new windows can help with that.

So maybe it’s time you replace your old, outdated windows with new ones. Maybe, it’s time for change and it would come with window replacement for your home.

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Here are some important facts that you need to know about window replacement.

The Two Types of Window Replacement

There are two ways that window replacement can be achieved. The first is a full-frame window replacement and the other is the pocket window replacement.

Full-Frame Window Replacement

In this type of window replacement, the whole window and frame is going to be removed by the contractor.

This is the perfect choice to replace your windows if you are having a major renovation or home project going on. Especially if you’re also thinking of replacing your home’s sidings.

If you have plans to replace all of the windows in your home, then go for this option. Replace all of the windows at once so you can save on time and effort.

Another benefit of full-frame window replacement is that you get better insulation. New and improved insulation is going to be used around the window.

This kind of window replacement will also allow you to get more glass area. Since the old window frame is going to be removed, you get more glass which translates to better views and natural lighting.

The downside to a full window replacement is that it’s a complicated process. It would therefore mean more cost and labor.

Pocket Window Replacement

The second option is known as pocket window replacement. Here, the old window frames are going to be left intact by the installers.

Think of this as a retrofit as the new windows will be slid into place. You can think of the old window frame as a box that will receive the new windows.

A pocket window replacement works best if your home has an exterior that’s made from brick or stucco. A full window replacement is not going to work with these materials because it will be too difficult.

The best thing about pocket window installation is that it will help you save on expenses. No need to spend too much for installation and materials. There’s no need to replace the interior trim or the siding.

A major downside to pocket window replacement is that there wouldn’t be much glass space. The reason is because the old window frame is going to be kept intact.

You could choose any of these two options and end up with great looking windows. Of course, it ultimately depends on what the condition of your windows are and what suits it best. And learning what you need to know about window replacement keller tx is a start.